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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i better be careful or i'm gonna fall ..

I was on my way to L-chan's house last night & got lost .. I called her ..

"I'm near the Sugi Pharmacy.. My map is fucked up.. Oh.. I see Coco's.."

"The curry Coco's or the convenience Coco's..?" she asked.

"The konbini Coco's.."

"I'll be right there,.." she said. "I'm right down the street.."

We rode bikes to her house through side streets,.. alleyways,.. & I saw a beautiful little park. Nissin is nice. It's much nicer than when I used to live here.

I lived in a place called Akaike five years ago. It was my first time in Japan. I used to hang outside the konbini (convenience store..) with Jimbo & we'd eat friend chicken & drink beer for hours,.. watching the girls walk from the station,.. living life.. Now Jimbo is back in Australia somewhere.. He won't talk to me after Lips left him..

We got to L-chan's & I don't feel like I'm in Japan.. I mean.. it was like some place in San Francisco,.. or maybe SoHo.. Beaded curtains,.. fabrics from India,.. cool stuff everywhere,.. & they had a little garden outside.. L-chan said her & her partner did it themselves.. They've been at their place for three years..

After a beer we got down to business.. She taught me the proper way to arrange my fingers.. Each finger has to be near one fret.. My fingers didn't cooperate..

"Fuck I'm going to play this bass well,.. if it takes me years,.. fucking work fingers.." I said.

L-chan laughed. The little studio room was set up.. A couple of amps,.. a bass,.. a guitar,.. a Mac with cool software for recording & studying music,.. music shit galore.. I felt so at home..

I've been playing bass now for about three months.. L-chan has been studying bass her whole life.. & now she's teaching me.. She helped me with some songs my band is working on.. The two guitarists don't really give a shit about the bass so much.. They both say it sounds good when I play .. but when I go back to rehearsal on Sunday I want to show them a few things L-chan taught me & listen to the playback.. because I'm thinking it's going to sound pretty damn cool..

On the way to my girl's house on my bike,.. the big heavy bass on my back,.. I thought about how the journey of life is there & you just have to reach for it.. I got to her house & reached for her & felt her vibration..

I haven't written in a while.. I better be careful..